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NZDSI Wellington meeting 2019

What a week!

The NZDSI scientific meeting in Wellington ended on Saturday morning. Too many highlights to fit in to one blog! There was a lot of discussion about medical and surgical dermatology which was really interesting. We managed to keep warm despite the cold and it was really great to catch up with colleagues from around the country.

Some of the great talks were on surgical dermatology and particularly about the use of Mohs surgery for very early melanomas. If you are not sure what Mohs surgery is, take a look at the web site for more information. Melanoma in situ is an early melanoma just within the upper layer of the skin called the epidermis. These early melanomas are fully curable when they have been removed. Mohs is an excellent way to remove it all, especially on difficult areas like the face. Expertise and skill is needed to know where the edge of the melanoma stops and the normal skin starts. 

There is a new treatment for atopic eczema in adults called dupilumab. Atopic eczema is a distressing and itchy condition. A lot of New Zealand children have it and it often gets better with age, yet some carry it through to adulthood. This new treatment is a medicine that blocks a key molecule causing inflammation of the skin. Unfortunately, we do not have it in New Zealand yet but hopefully it will come soon. Our distinguished overseas visitors discussed the use of this medicine in the United Kingdom, it works well and has made such a difference to those suffering with this disease.

So despite the cold weather, this was an excellent conference. Well worth battling wild windy Welly!