Surgical Dermatology

Every Dermatologist (skin specialist) is expertly trained in the surgical treatment of skin lesions (Dermatological surgery). Some Dermatologists undertake extended and advanced training to become proficient at more technically demanding procedures, including Mohs micrographic surgery and complex facial reconstruction and cosmetic surgical procedures.

Skin cancer surgery forms a large part of most Dermatologists (skin specialists) work. Dermatologists (skin specialists) are highly trained to diagnose and treat all types of skin cancer. Importantly, Dermatologists can advise you when surgery is not needed, and other methods of treatment may be more suitable. Not all skin cancer needs surgery but when it does, your Dermatologist is highly trained to advise you about the best surgical treatment option. For some difficult skin cancers Mohs micrographic surgery may be needed. The NZDSI publishes a list of all NZDSI approved Mohs surgeons.

Skin cancer surgery is not the only surgery that Dermatologists (skin specialists) are trained to perform. Dermatologists are experts at treating and removing non-cancerous skin lesions surgically if needed.

Almost all Dermatological surgery can be done with a local rather than general anesthetic. This is a safe way to remove most skin cancers.

Every NZDSI Dermatologist (skin specialist) must have a regular practice visit to make sure that his/her facility meets NZDSI approval and has correct procedures in place. An NZDSI Dermatologist (skin specialist) will have certification demonstrating that their audit has been satisfactorily completed so you can be reassured of the highest standard and receive the best treatment.

Because of their expert training, Dermatologists (skin specialists) are experts on surgical treatment of the skin.