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Time to check your skin-its Spring!

September is here and Spring has sprung!  Longer daylight hours, bright blossoms and colourful flowers with the promise of warmer weather and sunshine.

New Zealand Dermatologists recommend this is a good time to check over your skin.

Normal moles are symmetrical in shape and colour, have a smooth outline and do not change in size in adults.  Most people have moles that look similar over their body. 

If a mole changes get it checked.

The ABCDE rule is useful to remember if your mole is changing.

  • Asymmetrical (draw a line through it and the two halves look different).
  • Irregular Border (uneven edges of the mole).
  • Varied Colours (these can include shades of black and brown, red, pink, pale and some have no colour).
  • Diameter bigger than 6 mm (bigger than the end of a big pencil).
  • Evolving (changing colour, shape, itchy or getting crusty).

These can be signs of a melanoma skin cancer so arrange to have it checked urgently. The earlier a melanoma is treated the better the outcome. Melanoma is curable if caught early.