Registrar Awards

Please contact the administrator of the New Zealand Dermatological Society Incorporated if you wish to apply for any of these. Email Jane Telfer.

1. Turnbull Hodge Award

$1,000.00 awarded to the registrar who makes the best presentation(s) at each annual NZDSI meeting. Established in August 2009.

Recipients of Turnbull Hodge awards

2021 Ken Ip
2020 Shaochen Liu
2019 Marc Lawrence
2018 Yena Kim
2017 Jennifer Taylor
2016 Helen Gordon
2015 Susan Simpkin
2014 Peggy Chen
2013 Harriet Cheng
2012 Harriet Cheng

2. Trans Tasman Award:

$2,000.00 awarded alternate years for an excellent presentation at NZDSI meeting. This award gives the recipient the opportunity to present their presentation at the following ACD meeting. Included is free registration at the meeting. The TransTasman award may or may not be awarded to the same individual that receives the Turnbull Hodge award.

The next TransTasman Award will be considered at the meeting to be held in Dunedin in August 2024.

The presentations will be judged out of 100 points according the following criteria: (Download as PDF)

  • Originality of the paper (0-20)
  • Research component more for a research paper (10-20), vs a case report (0-10)
  • Usefulness to dermatology practice (0-20)
  • Presentation (quality of slides, delivery, etc.) (0-20)
  • Quality of discussion/conclusion (0-20)

Recipients of Trans Tasman awards

2021 Jenny Chung
2018 AJ Sykes
2016 Helen Gordon
2014 Peggy Chen
2012 Chin Yun Lin
2010 Ritva Vyas
2008 Diana Purvis
2006 Ben Tallon
2004 Amy Stanway